Mar 30, 2015

Internet Marketing Strategies - SEM

How to use Online Ads to bring quality leads to your website?

SEM - Search Engine Marketing is that part of Internet Marketing where you pay to the search engines to display YOUR ads when people searches for your business.

Since Google is the major search engine that people uses to search anything in the virtual world, let us see how using Google Ad words campaign would help you to bring leads to your business.

See the image below to understand how your paid ad would be shown on the Search Engine Results Page -SERP.

SEM - Google Ads results

How can you use Google Ads feature to prepare your advertisement?

  • YOU design your ad. 
  • YOU decide the 'keywords/search terms' to which your ad should appear in the SERP
  • YOU choose the amount that you would want to spend on your ad
  • YOU pause and tweak your ad at any time
  • YOU choose when your ad would run and when it would stop running
  • YOU choose your target audience

How can you make sure your Ad would bring leads to your website?

It all depends on 
  • the best 'search terms/keywords' YOU choose
  • your ad being shown on OTHER relevant search sites YOU choose
  • your ad on relevant 'non-search sites' YOU choose

How would Google decide about showing your ads on the Internet?

If the same keywords, same search sites and same non-search sites are chosen by many advertisers then Google choose to show your ad based on 
  • the amount that you are spending on the ad 
  • quality of your ad and the quality of your website
  • format of your ad 

How much would it cost you if you want to run your ad on Google?

As I have mentioned before, you choose the amount you spend on the ad. You can choose a daily budget until your learn the performance of your ad and then you can keep adjusting the budget.
You pay only when a visitor
  • click the link to visit your website
  • click the call button to call you
  • click the download button to download your app or any ebook etc
  • perform any CTA - Call To Action

You pay nothing to Google when your ad gives you no results.

Now that you have learned about using Google Adwords campaign, you can start trying the Google Adwords feature here. I would like to know how well your ad performed and whatever you have learned from your experiences.

If you need help on setting up your advertisement, help on monitoring your advertisement and help on ensuring that your ad is shown at the right time, right place and to right people then please write to me.

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