Dec 5, 2013

Time Management of a Virtual Assistant

Time Management of Virtual Assistant


Start the day with a TO-DO list that has the list of tasks and the amount of time to spend on the tasks. Having this list save myself from overworking. Living in India and serving clients from the other part of the globe gives me an edge over other virtual assistants who live in the same country. For example, I start my day by doing those tasks that has to be completed before my clients wake up. Because many of them assign tasks to me that has be taken up by them the very next morning when they wake up.A few of my clients prefer to share their posts in their social media accounts in THEIR time zone manually, instead of using any scheduling applications. In that case, I spend the end of the my day posting messages from their social media accounts which is the time of day-break for them.

Shared Time: 

I don't promise more than 2hrs a day for a client when I submit my proposal. And I stick to it by paying attention only to that client's tasks. By specifying the amount of time that I would spare for their work everyday, my clients would know how much of completed work can they expect from me on any given day.

Build Career: 

Just like any other virtual assistant, I find myself with very little work on some days. I make use of the free time to build my career. So what should virtual assistants do to build their career?  I write blogs, develop new skills and network with other freelancers. I also, send seasonal ecards, to those clients who are on the verge of forgetting my service, to remind my availability.

All work and no play makes Virtual Assistant a dull person! So, take time off for yourself, your family and for your friends.

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