Dec 4, 2013

How to watermark your images using

Watermarking images

This is quite easy. Just follow these steps and you will have your picture watermarked in few minutes. I am not a very creative person, but I tried my hand to do some creative work. haha. So, please bear with me, if the images are not very attractive.
Step1: Got to and click on  and select the image from your computer. I selected quite an ordinary photo from my iPhone. The one that you are seeing below is "before the watermark". Its just a mushroom, that I photographed using my +AppleiPhone from my backyard after the rains overnight. Just played with the +repix app to apply some flares.

Step 2:  This is the basic Edit Screen.Click of text "Tt".

Step 3: When you click on "Add Text" button, you will see a text box on the image. Also, the Text editor to choose the blend mode, color of the text etc.

Type the word you want to appear on the image.I typed my name UMA MAHI. Select the desired "Blend Mode". I chose "Overlay" . Adjust the "Fade" bar to get your desired level of fade effect on the text. You can use the "Size" bar to adjust the size of your text. If you want to change the place of the text on your photo, then place your mouse over the text. You will see a four headed arrow cursor. Click and drag the text to place it anywhere you want on the image. This is how the watermarked image look like.

Some more sample watermarked images of mine that I did in

Original image sample 1

Watermarked image sample 1

Original image sample 2

Watermarked image sample 2

Original image sample 3

Watermarked image sample 3

But before actually learning to watermark your images or photographs, you have to know why should you watermark your images.

Do you want to watermark a bunch of photos? Then here are the detailed step by step instructions.

I have given below some of the watermarked images. Take a look at them and get inspired.
This beautiful image was watermarked using a design application called "Photoshop" version 7 by Sarah

A hidden watermarked image below - photo credit: J.P.Robertson via photopin cc

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