Aug 1, 2013

How to download free iPhone Apps without giving credit card info

If you want to download a free app without giving your credit card information, then please follow these steps

1. Do not log in using your current apple id.
2. Click on the free app, that you want to download, in the ITunes window
For example - I chose to downloand iBooks app.I will share the screen shots for easy reference.

2. Click on create an apple id when the below "Sign In" window appears on your screen

3.Click on "Continue" in the next "Welcome to the ITunes Store" screen
4. Scroll down and agree to the Terms and Conditions in the next screen
5. Enter the information in the fields and click on "Continue"
6. And here is the screen that would make you happy
Select the "None" button, if it is not selected by default.Fill up all the required fields and click on "Create Apple ID"
7. Its almost over. Now complete this email verification by clicking on "Verify Now" in the email that you have received in your Inbox

8. Log in with the email id and password that you have created, in the next screen. Click on the button "Return to ITunes" and launch the application.
9. Click on "Start Shopping" and enjoy downloading all the free apps that you want for your iPhone.

I hope this helped you. If there is any other way to download a free app without giving the credit card information, then please post them as comments, here for others.

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