Jul 8, 2013

How to add new Testimonial to the Testimonial Page in Wordpress?

I have written this post to those Virtual Assistants who are just like me, who are not an expert in wordpress and also not a web designer.

If you are an expert in Wordpress and well versed with the widgets and plugins of Wordpress, then please go back to Wordpress help to read more on the Testimonials Widget plugin.

How to add Testimonials in the "Testimonials" page of a website?

1.Go to the dashboard. Click on the "Testimonial" Page. If you find a short code like this - [ws_table id="1"], then the Page is using a Websimon Table plugin of wordpress.
2. To find out the Websimon Table for your Testimonial Page, then please refer the below screen shot
Go to Tools and click on "Websimon Tables"

3. The "Websimon Tables" will show list of the tables that are used in the website. Find out the "Testimonials" table. Click on "Edit Table Content" , add another row to add the image and the testimonial. Click on "Save Table Content"

I hope this helped you. If this didn't help you, then please consult with your web designer.

Read more on the plugin here.

Do you use any other table plugin of wordpress? Would you recommend any other table plugin for beginners?


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