Jan 24, 2013

Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Beginners

Did you hear some one saying about marketing their business on Facebook? Did your hear the music system shop owner instructing his sales person to send an email to the person who has replied to his sales Tweet in Twitter? Did you see the toy shop owner's toy pics in the Pinterest?  Haven't you joined the bandwagon yet? Stop procrastinating.

Get it done NOW. The sooner you take the plunge the better. Because forbes says, in 2013, it is expected that 21.1 percent of new users will emerge in Asia-Pacific (including China, India and Indonesia),  23.3 percent in the Middle East and Africa and 12.6 percent in Latin America. So, its time you take some serious and honest action on marketing your business online.

Last week I met one of my friend's referral who is planning to launch his affiliate marketing website. I was happy that he was interested to get an idea on publicizing his business in the social media websites even before the launch of his Business. Here are the internet marketing ideas I suggested him to do and I suggest you to do too.

Get Social
Make it easier to find your Business online - get Social. Create an account for your Business in the four major social networking websites that are used by the global audience.
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest  
Have a Blog
Having a blog along with your website is another great option to keep your clients and customers up to date with your Business activities and developments. The are different platforms that are available to choose to write your blog. You can use your blog posts to drive traffic to your website.

Make connections
Great! Now you have your business accounts in the Social Media websites. Its time for you to connect with your existing customers. How will you find your existing customers? Its easy to find them, from the names or email ids from your customer database. Use their name and/or email ids, to find them in Facebook and LinkedIn. You can use their name as handle (@yourcustomername) to find them in Twitter. Find them and connect with them. Learn how to build followers in Twitter to get new clients.

Share information
Excellent! Now you have your social media accounts, you are connected with your existing as well as new customers and you have a place to share information online. The information that you are going to share should keep your audience coming back to your account everyday. Share information on new developments in your field of business such as news articles, Press Releases, Videos, interviews, government announcements, business events etc.

Be Consistent
Consistency is the key in Social Media Marketing. Make it a point to keep your Social Media accounts updated every day. Keep posting interesting contents and engage your audience. Listen to them and interact with them every day. You may not get your posts and questions answered or responded. You don't have to lose hope. You will learn to find out the type of posts and questions, that keep your audience engaged, in the due course. Research shows that Facebook marketing start showing results after 6 months of consistent effort.

Get Insights on your marketing plans
Analyze your marketing plans. How will you get insights on your marketing plan? Facebook has an option called "Insights" in the Page admin panel. "Insights" show you the posts, the number of audience the post has reached, number of persons who have shared your post etc. By studying this, you will learn the best practices to get more audience. Similarly LinkedIn has "Page Insights", Twitter has "Twitter Counter" and Pinterest has "PinReach", to study the performance of your posts and shares.

Change your marketing plans
Update your marketing plans. Social media websites keep building and changing themselves to meet the requirement of their own audience. This could demand you to change your marketing plans that were successful earlier. So be ready for the changes in the sites and change your marketing plans accordingly.

I hope these ideas will help you to start building your business online in this New Year. Please feel free to write to me, if you need any help.

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Uma Mahi
Virtual Assistant from Chennai, India.

photo credit: Cathy Browne via photopin cc


  1. Did you hear some one saying about marketing their business on Facebook? Did your hear the music system shop owner instructing his sales person to send an email to the person who has replied to his sales Tweet in Twitter.

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