Dec 29, 2012

2 Easy Steps to add Blog posts to Pages in Blogger

Do you know that you can add your blog posts to your Page in Blogger?

Here are the easy steps to do it, assuming that you know to edit the Layout tab of your Blogger template.

1. Add the Gadget
Add the "Link List" gadget in the horizontal bar and click on "Edit"

Link List Gadget in Blogger

2. Configure the Gadget
Give a "Title" for the List for your reference and the number of links/Pages to show in horizontal bar.

Select "Don't Sort" from the "Sorting" options, if you want the posts to be listed date wise.

 Configure Link List

Site Name:
Give a name to your Page. I have three Pages, namely Social Media Marketing. Virtual Assistant Recommendations and Virtual Assistant Services.

Site URL:
Click on the chosen label of any of your post. I have chosen the label "facebook" for the Page Social Media Marketing. Copy and paste the link from the browser in the "Site URL".

The url would look like this http://<Your blog address>/search/label/<label name>

So, when the visitors of my blog click on "Social Media Marketing" then they will be taken to the Page containing posts with "facebook" label.

Configure Link List

Click on "Save" to save the changes in the configuration.

Now your Pages with the posts that contain the label is ready. For a real time example, please click on the above Page links in the blue horizontal bar and check for yourself.

Hope this helped you.

Wishing you all a very happy and successful New Year 2013.

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