Nov 21, 2012

Stop losing Likes on Facebook Fan Page

People hit on the "Like" button of a Fan Page to keep them updated about the activities of a Business or a  brand. There should be some compelling reasons for them to choose the "Unlike" option.

Here are some of the Dos and Don'ts to stop losing Fans.

1. Too many posts flood their news feed
Do - Facebook says Page post data remains available for 28 days after the publish date.And it also recommends to post at least once per week to keep people returning to your Page.

Don't - Stop posting frequently. The Market Research done by Lab42 shows that 47% of the Fans were annoyed with too many posts flooding their news feed from the same brand.

Every Page has a unique audience. If you want to find out the exact time, type of posts and the number of posts, that should be posted in your Fan Page, then I would suggest you to schedule the posts and then analyze the engagement metrics in the Page's Insights to get a clear idea.

This is how the Insights of GoodRobot looks like.

2. Customers don't want to be contacted
Do - Customize your post by choosing the target audience. By doing so you will not bother those fans who are not interested in that particular product/ brand. Here is a screen shot of the target options that are available.

Don't - The market research shows that 36% of the Fans don't want to be contacted. Don't send posts to those who don't want to hear about a particular product or an event that doesn't suit their interests and needs.

3. They had a bad Experience with your brand
Do - Let your fans know that they can always choose the options to either receive or not receive your updates in their news feeds. They can choose from the options that appear when they hover their mouse on the "Like" Button of the Page.

Don't - Do not fail to educate your Fans about the options they can choose, if they don't want to get your updates, instead of actually "Unlike"ing the Page.

The below infographic of Lab42 shows the full result of the Market Research.

4. Concerned with Privacy:
The research shows 30% of the Fans are concerned about their Privacy. These Fans can actually hide their "Likes" from their timelines
Do- Educate them about choosing to hide the fan page like from their friends.

Do you think that there could be other reasons too?