Jun 7, 2012

Quantity Vs Quality of Facebook "Like"s on Fan Page

Whenever my clients talk about increasing the number of Fans in their FB Page, the first question I ask them is whether your friends know your profession and respect you for it. One said,"Oh!No. Please don't involve my friends into this. I don't want to invite them to be my Fans in my Fan Page. I don't want to bother them with my business messages every time they open their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Please look for people who are in the same profession as mine and send them the request". This client is a realtor.

Another client said,"Oh yes! Of course they do. I have 300 friends in my FB friend's list and you can send an invite to all of them. Am sure they wouldn't mind to be my Fans." And this client is a photographer.

Another said,"Of course they know. My friends list comprises of all those who are in the same profession as mine as well as who are interested in my profession. So please send the invite to all of them as well as to  network marketers". This client is a network marketer and an author.

Another replied,"Not all my friends. But you got to read their comments that they made on my Business messages I have posted in my personal page and then send them the invite". This client is an Insurance Agent.

One of my Client Lis Mckinley, CEO of  "Let's Make Room" wanted me to help her with her email marketing efforts. While I was talking about my other Services, that I can provide her, I told her that am also specializing in Social Media Marketing. I explained her about the things that I can do to publicize her business online.

She said," I see so many small business people having thousands of Fans in their Business Page. Can I get so many Fans?". I told her that there are many ways to increase the Fan base,other than inviting your friends to "Like" your Page. That is, only if you are very concerned about getting JUST the numbers increased in the "Like" tab. Her immediate reaction was,"Not sure about this. On first glance it doesn't really appeal to me. I don't just want anyone to "like" my page. I want people who are genuinely interested in my business, service and content. It strikes me as too "spammy"".

She believes in giving quality service and getting "Like"d by her clients and others genuinely. She don't believe in getting "Like"s from people just for the heck of increasing the number of Fans.

That reminded me of Chris Street's words - Quantity can rarely be sustained into long-term, profitable social media engagement without first giving quality.


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