May 16, 2012

How to find a Virtual Assistant or Social Media from India?

The keyword that was used to find my Blog was "How to find a Virtual Assistant or Social Media from India?"

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Most of my new clients ask me what kind of services that I could provide for their Businesses to grow. Some of them send me the information about their product/and or services and ask me how can I help them to build their Businesses. Some just send me a single-line email asking me to send the kind of work that I can do for them.

I do some research to find out the type of Business that they are into and what can be done to help them to build their Businesses. Sending them suggestions and ideas to spread the word about their Business will always make them to come back to you, whenever the need arises. This has always helped me to keep my clients intact. I also like to build a network among my clients. For instance, an Attorney might help an Insurance Agent to get new Clients and vice versa. And my clients love that.

How will an individual entrepreneur or a small business owner select a Virtual Assistant?
He or she would look for a VA who understand the functionalities of the Social Media Websites to build their network and publicize their products and/or services. One of my friend who is a real estate investor wanted me to help him build his Business online. I told him that I would invest more time on Facebook, Blog and the local real estate search directories to advertise about the apartments that he would invite people to invest in. Rather, he wanted me to concentrate on Twitter updates and buy ad spaces in the local popular websites, inspite of myself suggesting him to do that after his business start showing up in public searches. He learnt later, that he has wasted his money and time. An experienced VA, that specializes in Social Media Marketing, would always suggest a Client to choose the best ways to start publicizing their Business online.

It is always easy to explain the Services that you can provide, if you know about your clients' Businesses. The kind of assistance that I can give to an Insurance Agent differs from that of a Photographer. People tend to "Like" photographs in any Social Media Website. I should concentrate on Blog, Email marketing, Articles, Press Releases, Newsletters, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Events as well as other Social Media Websites for an Insurance Agent to get as much exposure as I could get for my Photographer client from just Facebook Marketing.

I would be happy if you could share some of your VA experiences here. I am sure it would help other VAs to tune up their Social Media Marketing strategies. Looking forward to read your experiences. Please post your comments.


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  2. Thank you Yoza. I am busy with database maintenance and Internet Research for my client Nick Myerhoff a real estate investor from California. What is keeping you busy now?