May 21, 2012

Help Available - Save Your Time

Alan Majer, a robotic enthusiast, is a client of mine for many many years. He is so happy with my Internet Research on his subjects and topics on Robots and sensors, that he don't mind going out on long holidays with his family to visit his parents, who lives in Canada. Take a look at his own comments here.

Promoting a book online could mean spending a lot of your time sitting in front of the computer and finding out ways to publicize your Book online. Patrick Schwerdtfeger, author, International speaker on "Social Media Marketing" needed a helping hand to promote his book "Webify Your Business", online. It was so interesting to enter into the online publishing world. The time that I saved by helping him to promote his book in the virual world, helped him enormously to concentrate on his local marketing. Please read Patrick's comments here about my help.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger was referred to me by Karen Waksman, speaker, consultant and author of "Product For Profit". Every small business person or an individual entrepreneur, would like to hire a VA who understand the needs of the client quickly and deliver the services on time. Karen Waksman, always trusted my ability in providing her the complete datas that she would want to me collect from my Internet Research and Data Entry projects. This is how I helped her.

You could figure out the time, that I saved for her.

Sarah Tolson, a very successful, Insurance Agent from California have enough time to concentrate on her real word activities. I help her to maintain the email marketing database and the social marketing efforts. She is happy using her own time in concentrating on the events that she conducts for her customers to educate them on wealth building strategies.Read what Sarah Tolson has to say about saving her time. Sarah, was referred to me by Patrick.

Nature keeps changing every moment. And man has always wanted to store it in his memory and share the marvelous moments by drawings and paintings, with the world. Technology helped man to develop the art of Photography. Jennifer Fink, a generations photographer from California, also needed a helping hand to maintain her online profile for Business in Facebook as well as her Blog. She said and I quote,"I don't make money sitting at the computer, but it's an important piece of my marketing mix, so being able to get that done while doing what I do best was well worth the money. " You can read more of her comments here.

If you want me to help you to spend time with your family or spend more time in Building your Business in the real world, then please do write to me - I will be happy to share your load.