Aug 29, 2011

Who Can Become A Virtual Assistant?

Do you find yourself sitting idle for most part of the day after taking care of your elderly parents?
A long time friend of mine, is an experienced Accounting officer. She had to stay at home to tend to her sick parents. She is quite busy in the morning till 11.00 am. And then she is free till 04.00pm. She could no longer go out to work on a 8 to 9 hours job. I suggested her to become a Virtual Assistant. She was skeptical about my suggestion. But after looking at the way I work (3 to 4 hours everyday), she has started taking my suggestion seriously and asked me to help her to pursue this as a career. I am happy that she has started looking for jobs as a Virtual Assistant. Now she can make best use of her time by putting her accounting experience to work for her.

Are you newly married and in a new city?