Dec 9, 2011

The Next Facebook Fan Page - Bay Area Apartment Building Investor

Nick Myerhoff, the Real Estate Agent from California was referred to me by my client Patrick Schwerdtfger the great speaker on Social Media Marketing and the author of "Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed". Nick is concentrating on marketing his business online and wrote to me whether I am available to help him. I am a workaholic and I love helping my clients to build their business online. I readily agreed to help him. He is an artist turned real estate agent. Though he already had pages for his art work , he didn't have one for his Real Estate business. So I decided to build one for him. And here is his Business Page. I have given the screenshot to those who don't have time to click on the link.

And I have started promoting his business by scheduling Tweets to his Twitter account, messages to his Fan Page and LinkedIn Groups. Video Submissions is a very interesting and important part of Social Media Marketing.

Nick has attractive videos about the apartment buildings that he is selling, right now.  I am enjoying working with him as much as I enjoy working with all my clients. I am glad that my client base is increasing through the best way of marketing - "word of mouth". Thanks goes to Karen, Patrick and Sarah who keep referring my services to others.

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If you are looking for some one who can help you in building your Business online, then please do write to me. I am available.

Happy weekend to you all.


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