Oct 20, 2011

Browser Compatibility - Parallels® Plesk Sitebuilder Vs Firefox

My friend Sheik is an employee of a whole sale store for computers and peripherals. He happily started building site for his company and wanted to add contents to it's Pages. He uses Parallels® Plesk Sitebuilder and it says that the application is compatible with Firefox, the browser Sheik was comfortable with. He found that the contents that he added in the Pages, are not getting updated, even after publishing the website. He thought that his internet connection was slow. So he wanted to try in the night, when the traffic would be less. He met with the same result. He abandoned the project until he wrote to me to help me, while we both logged in Facebook yesterday morning. He asked me to help him to find out the mistake that he has done in his website "Content Management" System.

I always love to learn new skills and my client Mark Peysha endorses the same in his recommendation. I have never used Parallels® Plesk Sitebuilder. So, I wanted to give it a try.

I googled for its browser compatibility and found that there were claims that the application is compatible with Firefox. I made up my mind to go through the logs of Sheik's activity. Couldn't find anything wrong. I later saw, that I didn't get the WYSIWYG text editor in Firefox, when I tried to add contents to his website. Parallels® Plesk Sitebuilder is not optimized for Google Chrome, one of my favorite browser. So I opened the application in IE version 6.0. I got the WYSIWYG text editor, this time. Added a few lines to the company's "About" page and published the website. Yay! The page was up with the contents. 

Sheik is busy building the website, now, after a gap of one month. If you need any help, then please don't hesitate to ask me. I am available to help you. Just write an email to me.


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  2. Thank you Sarah, that you found my post informative.