Oct 4, 2011

5 Easy Steps to Customize Your Twitter Background

You might have read my earlier post about customizing your twitter page using the Themeleon of colorlovers. I will show you how to use your own background image and add your short bio at the right side space of the background image.

After selecting the background image, from those sites that offer free twitter background or from your own computer, open it in any image editing software. Though there are many image editing software available, I used Paint. Because that is readily available in your computer. You don't have to download any other new image editing software, unless you want to use the advance image editing techniques.

1.Open the background image in Paint.Here is the screenshot of the background that I selected.

2. You can use the Powerpoint presentation slide (or MS Word) to draw text box and type your short bio. I used two text boxes, one for my short bio and the other one for my services.

 3. Copy and paste the short bio at the left side of background image in Paint. I copied and pasted my services at the right side, as well.

4. Save the image in jpg format.
5. After getting into the "Design" options of your Twitter "Setting" of your Twitter profile, click on "Change Background Image". Chose the above image file and click on "Save Changes".

The new profile with your customized background is ready for the public.

If you want to know the websites that offer free twitter backgrounds, then please read my earlier post by clicking here.

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