Aug 29, 2011

Who Can Become A Virtual Assistant?

Do you find yourself sitting idle for most part of the day after taking care of your elderly parents?
A long time friend of mine, is an experienced Accounting officer. She had to stay at home to tend to her sick parents. She is quite busy in the morning till 11.00 am. And then she is free till 04.00pm. She could no longer go out to work on a 8 to 9 hours job. I suggested her to become a Virtual Assistant. She was skeptical about my suggestion. But after looking at the way I work (3 to 4 hours everyday), she has started taking my suggestion seriously and asked me to help her to pursue this as a career. I am happy that she has started looking for jobs as a Virtual Assistant. Now she can make best use of her time by putting her accounting experience to work for her.

Are you newly married and in a new city? 
Do you want to spend few hours on a job that would let you spend more time with your spouse? Finding yourself in a new city is going to be tough for you to get used to the people and to the surroundings, especially if you are not a socialite. If you think that you will be happy to work from home instead of venturing out to look for a full time job, that would keep you away from your spouse most of the time, then I would suggest you to become a Virtual Assistant. You can have your own place to work - Home sweet Home. 

Are you physically impaired? 
Did you meet with an accident a few days back? Do you think that you would have to stay at home for months together before getting back to a full time job? Stop worrying about your present state of affairs. Trust me. Becoming a Virtual Assistant will help you to earn as much as you earned while you went to a full time job. You can even earn more than that, by spending just a few more hours of your time.

Are you between jobs now and do you want to try something to earn before you get a full time job? 
Got laid off? Don't worry. You can always use your professional capabilities to make a presence in the Virtual world. Yes, you can become a Virtual Assistant. There would be no one to ask you to quit, unless you decide to. You have all the freedom to choose your clients, with whom you would want to work with and not the vice versa. No one would ask you to work, when you want to sleep. So it is going to be more fun than your full time job.

Are you tired of going to work? 
Are you tired of pretending to be working, when you actually didn't want to? Do you want to enjoy the rains, when it rain?  Do you like to go for a walk on the beach in the early evening? My answer is YES to all these questions and if your answer is the same, then you should become a VA. I can assure you, that you can work as well as, live life the way you want to.

Are you the kind of a person, that sleep when the world is awake?
I have a friend who love to work during night, when everyone is fast asleep. The reason he cites for his sleeping disorder is his love for peace. He finds peace where everyone else is sleeping. And this type of a person can work for that part of the world which is awake, when his part of the world is sleeping. And the job opportunities are endless. 

If you want to know more about being a Virtual Assistant or about the Virtual Assistant Services, then please don't hesitate to write to me. I will be glad to help you.


  1. I am priya I am very much interested to become a virtual assistant .I am 32yrs and I have 6yrs working experience in a private limited concern.Now I am a house wife . My email id is Please give the full details of virtual assistant.

    1. Priya, Thanks for your comment to my blog post. I am happy that you approached me to get help to become a virtual assistant. The first step to become a VA is to build online credibility. You need to gain the trust of others before asking them for work/projects. In order to gain the trust, you need to have a complete bio of yourself online. I tried to look at your profile in Blogger (google+), couldn't find any information. So, can you please spend some time to complete the profile, along with your photograph?

      Thanks and have a nice day.