Aug 25, 2011

From The Horse's Mouth

I requested my Clients to share their thoughts about me - Uma, the Virtual Assistant as well as Uma, an individual. They readily agreed to share their experiences with the Readers of my Blog. And they were all kind enough to spare a few minutes of their busy day to write a few lines here. I enjoy working with everyone of them. I am associated with some of them for more than five years.

Many of my clients referred my services to their friends and acquaintances. They keep giving me many opportunities to work with great Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs et al. I thank everyone of them for their continued support and trust in me.

Please read their comments below. Thanks - Uma.

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  1. Hi Uma,

    I was a pleasure to work with you once again. Your work saved me a lot of time and helped me to enjoy a worry-free vacation. I'd highly recommend your services to anyone who needs a helping hand.


  2. I had the opportunity to work with Uma starting in 2009. We worked on a number of projects together and I am grateful for her contribution to my career and my online identity. She helped me promote my book, build my Twitter following and compile a database of relevant conferences around the world.

    During our time working together, I found Uma to be a woman of integrity and principles. She has an enviable work ethic and always communicates proactively. As a result, I have recommended her to a number of people and will continue to do so.

    Thank you, Uma, for helping me build my career. You are appreciated.

    Patrick Schwerdtfeger

    Walnut Creek, California, USA

  3. Uma is terrific benefit to anyone who needs help with online media, social networking and blog content. If you're busy like me, she's a resource you can't ignore. Uma helped me do a variety of online tasks so I could focus on my business, photography. I don't make money sitting at the computer, but it's an important piece of my marketing mix, so being able to get that done while doing what I do best was well worth the money. Give her a try, you'll be glad you did.

  4. Uma is a wonderful VA. I have been working with her for about 2 years now and she is fantastic with online media and social networking.

    She makes online marketing seem effortless and frees up my time so I can focus on my business. I have recommended Uma to many friends and clients and will continue to do so.

    Thanks for all you do for me Uma!

    Sarah Tolson

  5. More than a VA or a professional Uma is a great individual. Her attitude towards work and personal life is amazing. My association with Uma goes beyond 10 yrs. I always wondered why she closed down my favourite internet cafe. Nevertheless irrespective of it she has been doing great job in VA field and her output has always been amazing. She is highly customer focused and always willing to help and support. Even if she doesnt know a specific work she always knows how to get it done for her customers.Her always smiling face(not fake) is her best asset.