Jul 6, 2011

Online Branding

Here are the few suggestions that I gave to a client who inquired about building a Business Page in Facebook, yesterday. 

Facebook Business Page
This client wants to sell baby products online. And he had the photos of the product spread out on the table and photos of the package of the product. I suggested him to have a Business Page that attracts new parents and friends/ relatives of new parents. Who wouldn't "like" to take a look at the cute babies smiling at them when they land on his Business Page? Having an attractive Facebook Business Page that reflects the true nature of the Business as well as the Business owner will get quick clients. Facebook also provide you space to advertise your products and/or services.

Would you like to get an idea of the type of photographs that could be posted on your Business Page?

Wondering where would you go to get a professional help to shoot nice picture for your Business? Stop worrying. We can help you. Just connect with Bloominfotech. Feel free to write to us about your Business and get useful ideas to take beautiful photos of your Business. If you want to take a look at the photographs that we have used for our Brochures, Catalogue Designs and Web designs, then take a peek here.

This is the best time to invest in your online branding and online marketing activities. More and more people have started using Internet to literally buy and sell, anything and everything.

Online Store or a Website
Having a Business Page that constantly engages your clients, will cost you less than what your real time marketing could do. Business Page that connects with an online store or a website to buy your product right away will help your clients to place order quickly and easily. How can you do that? Post the photographs of your product with the link to your online store or your website where the order could be placed.

If you don't have a website or an online store where people can buy your products, then you leave your clients with only choice of sending an email to you asking you to send your product to them. Your are giving your potential customers enough time to change their minds or to look for some online store where they can make easy transactions. You don't have an online store or a website? All you have to do is connect with us here or write to us.  Because we are always available to help you at any time. Take a look at a photographer site as well as her Blog that we designed.

Stay connected with clients
If your Business has to be a successful one, you should make your customers keep coming back to you after their first successful transaction. You got to stay connected with them by sending them regular e-mails or messages about the happenings of your Business or in the store front.You can send them regular newsletters and keep reminding them about your Business. This will remind them of your Business, when the necessity of your product or services arises.  

How can you stay connected with them 24/7?
Think about Tweeting on Twitter, posting wall posts on your Business Page, responding to their queries as soon as they send one, calling them back as soon as there is a service call, sending online greetings during festival days etc. Are you worried that these activities will take your time away from your core business? Just don't worry. We can take care of your customers for you. We can maintain your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. We can respond to your customer's queries and can return your customers' calls on behalf of you. You can take a look at our client's Business Pages.

We are also available to help you in your real time Business Needs
We know that your Business would need some real time help too. As I have mentioned earlier, we design websites, design Facebook Business Page, shoot photographs, design Letter Head, Business Cards, Business Envelopes, Logos, Brochures, Product Catalogues etc. Take a look at our portfolio of our Designing Unit.

If you have plans to start a new venture, then you might want us to help in finding your customers online and start marketing your products for you.

Write to us to assist you in all your Business needs. We are available.

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