Jul 1, 2011

My Clients - Part 2 - Twitter Followers

This post is in continuation with my earlier post. If this is the first time you are visiting my blog, then please read the the first part My Clients - Part 1- Twitter Followers. I have discussed about the ways that we found good in building followers to my Client Patrick Schwerdtfeger's Twitter profile.

He is an inspirational speaker on Social Media Marketing.

Twitter is NOT a Social Networking Website
 "Twitter" is not a Social Networking Site. It is a Social Website. Networking happens, when some one invite you to become a friend, you accept them and you both can stay in touch with each other as long as you want. But Twitter lets some one to follow you without waiting for your approval. Which means, Twitter allows some
one to follow your Tweets until you want to remove them from your "followers" list. And, it is not necessary or mandatory for you to "follow" your "followers" just because they are following you. Why do you really want to follow people? You follow people who are related to your field of interest to know more about the happenings in your field of interest and to discover about the person who are sharing those information with you. 

I am a Virtual Assistant and concentrating on Internet Marketing. Hence I follow Virtual Assistants and Internet Marketers to learn new things from them. I also follow small and individual entrepreneurs to render my service whenever they need one. 

Choosing the keywords that can be used to find out the potential "followers" was the first step. Next step was to find out the profiles or people that are interested in those keywords. People who use Twitter are meant by the Twitter jargon "Tweeple". Tweeple that are using the chosen keywords in their profile or their Tweets should be the ones that has to be "Follow"ed.  Because they are the ones who are interested in Patrick's field of interest. In Patrick's case small business people and the individual entrepreneurs who are interested in Social Media Marketing are the ones that has to be followed.

"Twellow" for Twitter Search
There is a great Twitter search directory in the name of "Twellow". Searches can be conducted by using the keywords. The "search" has been made very easy now. Typing the keyword in the search box and hitting the "search" button gives you a list of the Tweeple that have used the particular keyword in their bio. We selected the profiles that has more twitter followers. Why? Please read my earlier post to find out the reason. "Who to Follow" -  Twitter's search engine was not available when I started adding followers for Patrick.

Twitter Search
We wanted to follow those Tweeple who has used our chosen keywords in their Tweets. Tweeple tend to share other's Tweets if it mentions about their interest, and that kind of sharing is called as RT (Re-Tweets). We found these Tweeple by using the (#) hashtag while searching in Twitter.com. For example, we used #entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in the search box of Twitter to get the list of those Tweeple who has mentioned "#entrepreneurs" as well as "entrepreneurs" in their Tweets.

I "follow"ed 2001 Tweeple and then I wasn't able to "follow" more. How can this be tended to, can be read in my earlier post here. Getting Twitter followers by just following them will not help in the long run. Tweeting about interesting things that could make people visit your profile, follow you to read more of your Tweets and share your Tweets, so that those who doesn't follow you can read your Tweets, will increase your followers automatically.

What are the typical messages that we Tweeted to get more followers for Patrick Schwerdtfeger? I am going to reveal that in my next blog post. Until then happy reading and have a great weekend.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

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