Jul 5, 2011

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?
You know that Social Media Websites are the ones that are frequented by most of the population on Earth. Seller go where Buyers are. If you want to sell your product and/or services, then you ought to take your product to the places where your buyers go. Let us look at the ways to use these Social Media Websites for Marketing.

I am going to share some of the best Social Websites that can be used for your Social Media Marketing strategies.

Facebook is the most popular website that people go to connect with each other. This Social Media Website is used to stay connected with friends, relatives and colleagues.This is the place where they share their experiences, notes, videos and documents with, not only, their counterparts but also with the entire world. People enjoy being here and enjoy being seen.So, this is the best place for you to bring your Business, online.

Facebook being the Social Media Website, you can use this site to build your Business's social activities. This site can not be used as a store where you can just exhibit your products and expect the customers to log in and buy your products. You have to develop a personal relationship with your clients first. You have to build a trustworthy relationship with your future clients. Remember Hard Sales Pitch will not bring customers to your Business Page in Facebook. Make friends first and convert them into your clients next.

Having a Facebook Business Page will help you to get your Clients to take a look at your products in your main site. And it will bring your Business Page up in the search results when some one search for your Business in the Facebook. 

Now you have a Business Page in Facebook that talks about your Business. And you have invited your friends to your Business Page. They "like" your page and your services. They have started inquiring about your products and/or services. This is the time to be more particular about developing a good professional relationship with them. As you know word of mouth is the best marketing tool. So make sure you are constantly in touch with your friends/clients and keep them updating about your products and services.

Twitter is another popular Social Media Website, where you can keep tweeting on the go with short messages. Giving a glimpse of what is happening with your Business at the back end as well as with your personal and professional life will keep the clients engaged. It is an easy way to reach clients, since Twitter can be connected to your mobile and your clients could get your mobile updates as text messages in their mobile. Twitter not only allows you to share text messages, it also let you to share Videos. Please read Twitter Marketing  and how to use Twitter for your Business.

The other popular Social Media Website is the Youtube. People use Youtube to search for products and/or services more than they use Google search. Video that shows your product and/or services engages potential customers than the mere texts. So I would suggest you to post Videos to make your clients to stop by and take a note of your services. There are other video posting sites too. I have given a more detailed description on video posting and sharing to Social Media Websites from Youtube.

This is another Social Website that can be used to for your Online Marketing. All you have to do is to engage your customers and keep connected with them. 

Yahoo Local
This is another social website that can be used for local marketing. You can register your Business in Yahoo!Local. Keep posting questions and get answers to start a discussion about your product or services. This will give you an idea of what people expect from your Business and how could you improve your Business. Take a look at here for example. Yahoo Forums can be used to answer questions about your Business and can post updates about your Business.

The caption in Flickr.com says "Share your life in Photos". How about us changing the caption to "Share your Business in Photos"? If you could use Youtube and Twitter to share your Videos and text messages, then you could use Flickr to share the Photos of your Business as well. Getting more credentials and building a trustworthy personable experience is the main point in Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing helps all the businesses to grow globally. Write to me, if you need my assistance.

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