Jul 6, 2011

Online Branding

Here are the few suggestions that I gave to a client who inquired about building a Business Page in Facebook, yesterday. 

Facebook Business Page
This client wants to sell baby products online. And he had the photos of the product spread out on the table and photos of the package of the product. I suggested him to have a Business Page that attracts new parents and friends/ relatives of new parents. Who wouldn't "like" to take a look at the cute babies smiling at them when they land on his Business Page? Having an attractive Facebook Business Page that reflects the true nature of the Business as well as the Business owner will get quick clients. Facebook also provide you space to advertise your products and/or services.

Would you like to get an idea of the type of photographs that could be posted on your Business Page?

Jul 5, 2011

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?
You know that Social Media Websites are the ones that are frequented by most of the population on Earth. Seller go where Buyers are. If you want to sell your product and/or services, then you ought to take your product to the places where your buyers go. Let us look at the ways to use these Social Media Websites for Marketing.

I am going to share some of the best Social Websites that can be used for your Social Media Marketing strategies.

Jul 1, 2011

My Clients - Part 2 - Twitter Followers

This post is in continuation with my earlier post. If this is the first time you are visiting my blog, then please read the the first part My Clients - Part 1- Twitter Followers. I have discussed about the ways that we found good in building followers to my Client Patrick Schwerdtfeger's Twitter profile.

He is an inspirational speaker on Social Media Marketing.

Twitter is NOT a Social Networking Website
 "Twitter" is not a Social Networking Site. It is a Social Website. Networking happens, when some one invite you to become a friend, you accept them and you both can stay in touch with each other as long as you want. But Twitter lets some one to follow you without waiting for your approval. Which means, Twitter allows some