Jun 21, 2011

More Ways To get New Twitter Followers

There are many many ways to get New Twitter Followers:

If you haven't read the ones that I have mentioned earlier. Then please read these posts.

Twitter followers from keywords

Adding New Twitter Followers

Always use the (#) hashtag when you tweet about a subject.
For example - If your tweet is about any android application, then use #androidapp. If you use appropriate hashtags when you tweet, it would come up in the searches when some one searches for "android apps". So when you tweet about your business, add the appropriate hashtags of your business. It could be #attorney or #insurance or #entrepreneur or #smallbusiness etc.

Apart from using the appropriate keywords and tweeting the real time tweets about yourself, you can always re-tweet the breaking #worldnews from Global News Media such as CNN.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, BBC.com etc. For example, if you keep tweeting about the breaking news of India's, then people from India who likes your tweet, will naturally follow you or RT (Re-Tweet) you, which could fetch you more followers. People who are following the particular happenings in India would follow you too. Your tweets about the #places, #people etc., will get you followers who are interested about those places and that people.

#quotes - One of the best way to win followers is to quote the words of well known people. We all are humans, though we keep talking to the machine almost half of our life time.  #Success quote can get your business followers. Same goes with #motivational quotes. Try this and you will not regret.

Tweeting on the current topics in the "Trends" section that appears in the right side of the Twitter page would get more followers. The "Trends" can be set to different locations. The topics in the "Trends" section changes with the location. Hence more followers from different locations, when you tweet on different topics of the "Trends".

Do not forget to check for the @mentions and send a reply to them. Personal attention will always get you more admirers. I meant "followers".

There are more ways to get more followers. And am going to write about them in my next post next week. Until then Happy Weekend to all of you.

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