Jun 30, 2011

How To Use "Twitter" For Your Business?

As a small business owner, ever wondered about reaching out to thousands of existing customers at one click of your mouse? I know that your answer would be "Yes". Because you have your existing customers' email id. You are already sending out your regular updates and newsletters of your business to them.

I receive newsletters from the Organizations whose services am using, almost every month. I hardly find time to read the three or four paragraphs that are followed by their graphs and diagrams. I simply send those emails to their designated folders, instead of deleting them, so that I can read them whenever I find time or if any necessity arises. I don't read them unless I get another reminder from the Organization prompting me to take any action on the long forgotten newsletter.

Did that happen to you too? Let us look at the ways to avoid this happening to your Business.
All you would wish to make sure is that the updates and announcements are read by your potential customers.

Would you mind making use of a tool that sends out the updates or announcements in short and crisp messages that would kindle the interest of your existing as well as future customers? How about using a tool that keeps you connected with your customers 24/7? You guessed it right. I am talking about "Twitter".Twitter is one among the many Social Media Websites that are available in World Wide Web.

Follow and make them follow you
You already have your potential customers' email id. You can find your customers in Twitter by searching for their Twitter @handle (id is termed as "handle" in Twitter) and become their follower . You can ask them to follow you by giving your twitter id.

"Who to follow" - reach wider audience
"Tweets" are the short messages below the 140character limit that are posted and shared via Twitter.  "Who To Follow" is the Twitter's account recommendation engine. Twitter looks at your customers' account and their followers to identify similar accounts and similar followers. The same happens with your account too. You will get a recommendation from Twitter to "follow" those people who has similar accounts and similar followers. This gives you an easy way to get new customers. You are reaching out to a wider audience that you can't even imagine. Hence having a strong base of Twitter followers will help you expand your presence online.

How to get followers?
Add your Twitter handle in your signature of the newsletters and your email. You can also a "follow" button in your website and blogs to make the following easy for your customers. If you want to know about the ways to get new customers (followers), then please read this post.

Build the Trust on your Business
Your followers might want to know more than what your Tweets talk about your Business.
  • Personable conversation between you and your customers real time will build a trust on your Business.
  • Make yourself available 24/7 to your "followers". Tweeting on the go will help you to stay connected to your followers wherever you are. 
  • Giving a glimpse of behind the scene info about your professional activities will give your followers the latest information about your Business.
  • Listen to what people say about your products, services etc by monitoring the comments regularly
  • Ask questions about your products and services to get a valuabe feedback and make them feel that you are listening to them.
  • Acknowledgie their comments and feedback in real time
  • Build relationships by Retweeting and replying publicly to your followers' comments
  • Share videos and images of your Business to engage the followers.
Share videos on the Twitter details pane, instead of making your followers to click on a link to watch your videos. The videos that are shared from the following sites will play in the Twitter details pane:
  • Justin.tv
  • Twitlens
  • Twitvid
  • Ustream
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
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