Jun 21, 2011

How to Get Your Clients Stuck To You?

I have always enjoyed my clients' presence around me.

I love working with my Clients, even during their tough times. There has always been a co-ordinated effort to meet the targets fixed by my clients. It is very important to keep in touch with your Clients , even when you are not working with them.

See that you follow these steps:
1.Follow their activities in their social networking sites - Add them to your friends list and follow their wall posts in FB and Tweets in Twitter etc. You might end up helping them with their posts.

2. Acknowledge their achievements and offer your help. For example: Like their posts in FB, post a comment on their Blog Posts, Retweet their Tweets, Rank their videos in Youtube etc

3. Remind them about their pending activities that are done in regular intervals. For example : Scheduling of tweets every month, Newsletters, Ad posting, Blog posting etc.

4. Make it a point to keep a Mailing List of your existing clients. Write to them regularly and remind them of your services & availability. Building a personal rapport with them will help you in the longer run.

5. Make a Mailing List of your future clients and write to them often to encourage them to make use of your services. This will help them to contact you as soon as any need arises. Finding future clients is not so difficult these days. Your existing Clients always refer you to their friends and acquaintances. You can find new clients from the friends' list of your existing clients.

6. Add your clients to your Chat list and send them a quick hello, when you find them online. If they don't reply to your chat message, you don't have to feel bad. Your "hello" would have reminded them of your presence to ask for any help, if they need any.

If you are yet to have a proper Mailing List, then do it NOW. The recession is going to get over and things are looking up. We are going to get more Clients, hence more work. So make it QUICK.

The Market Place hasn't gone down. So keep yourself updated. When you need my help in creating a Mailing List,do write to me. I shall be glad to help you. 

I shall do the Internet Research for you to prepare the Mailing List.

Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

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