Jun 22, 2011

Get a username for your Facebook Business Page

You have set up a Facebook Business Page and you have announced to the world that you have a Facebook Page for your Business. Take a look at the URL of your Facebook Fan Page. Do you see the numbers in the URL and do you think that you would want your name of the business instead of those numbers that would be hard to remember?

Your personal profile of Facebook URL looks like this http://facebook.com/yourname. How about getting the same type of URL for your Business Page? Your friends and clients can easily find out your Page in Facebook if the URL has the name of your business instead of those numbers.

To get your Business Name in the URL:
If you are an administrator for a Fan Page then you can choose the username by clicking here. Your Facebook Page should have more than 25 "Like"s. Choose a public username that you or your business is known to others.So that people can find your Page easily. And your username for your Business Page can not be changed once your confirm it. So please check the spelling before confirming.

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  1. Good nice one. In the middle which you had mentioned that links are not working.

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  2. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I appreciate it. :)