Jun 20, 2011

My Clients - Part 1 - Twitter Followers

Writing more about my Clients will serve its own purpose, instead of going on writing about my Services

You will read the story of my Career in this series. I am going to write about the wonderful people that I worked with as well as working with, all these years. I thank them for having given me an opportunity to provide my service to them and thereby, helping me to learn new things.

Let me start with my Client Patrick Schwerdtfeger. He is an author and an international speaker. I started working with him since 2009.  He was a well known Speaker on "Social Media Marketing" to the small business people in Bay Area. He has a meetup group, to which he keep giving tips and ideas on Social Media Marketing Strategies. This meetup group is  one of the 50 largest entrepreneur groups in the US.

It gives me a wonderful feeling to think about the way we started working together to build his career. The first job that was assigned to me, was to build his Twitter followers. The first step was to find out the potential followers by using the keywords that would fit into his profession and then follow them.  Here are few of the keywords that we used, to find out the people to follow: real estate,finance,agent,financial,invest,stock,market,insurance etc.

Patrick wanted to follow only people who are certain to follow him back. Take a look at the followers of Patrick Schwerdtfeger. And if you want to know how exactly we did it, then you need to read more by clicking here.

If you think that I can help you in increasing your Twitter followers, then please do write to me.

Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

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    1. Thanks Mugundhan. If you are also looking for ways to increase your Twitter followers while you are sleeping and holidaying then I would recommend you to read this post too. http://bloominfotech.blogspot.in/2011/06/get-twitter-followers-while-you-sleep.html