Jun 21, 2011

Building/ Adding New Twitter Followers

Patrick wrote to me, why he wanted to follow those who are certain to follow him back. And I quote ," You will find that the heavy users are more likely to follow as many people as are following them.  That's how they got to be so big. "

As I mentioned in my earlier blog I was instructed to find out the potential followers from Twellow.com, using those appropriate keywords and follow only those persons, who has 80% of following/followers ratio. Which means they are the regular users of Twitter and they do follow whoever follows them.  But Twitter don't allow users to keep following people on the go.

After the first 2000, you can only follow 10% more than the number of your followers.  So you can follow up to 3,300 when you have 3,000 followers - as an example.

To keep up the good work of building Twitter followers, the balancing act of bulk unfollow had to be done to maintain 10% of following/followers ratio. This is one way we followed to start building the followers in Twitter.

The other ways that could be followed to increase the number of followers in Twitter are by
1. Tweeting more about yourself, real time
2. Tweeting about your profession
3. Tweeting about other great people from your profession
4. Tweeting about the current trends in your profession
5. Tweeting about the #Social Media
6. Tweeting #quotes by famous people

There are more ways that can be followed to get found and followed by the Tweeple. And we , myself and Patrick, followed those ways, too, to build his followers in his Twitter account. I am going to write more about the other ways to build your Twitter followers in my next post.

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