Jun 27, 2011


What is Outsourcing?

Let me give you a very simple explanation:
My mom was too busy, the other day, to go to the shop to buy some wheat flour. She saw my neighbor's son taking his bicycle out to go to the nearby grocery shop and she got the help of him to buy the wheat flour. She paid for his favourite toffee.Since then she gets the help of him and pay him in kind or cash, whichever way he wanted to get paid. She used her time to concentrate on more important things.

Now, this would have given you an idea about "Outsourcing". Do you think that big automobile companies design and manufacture all the cars? Nope. They get the designs done by the designing companies, get the parts manufactured by companies that are specialized in manufacturing particular parts, assemble them in their own or other's assembling units and have their name of the Brand printed on the product.

The same goes with ALL the other industries too.

How does outsourcing helps small and individual entrepreneurs?
I have been working with small as well as individual entrepreneurs since 2009. I am glad that I was able to give them enough time to concentrate on their core business. I helped them to gather all the information that they needed to build their businesses further. One such thing is Internet Research.

Internet Research is done to get the details that they needed for their start up ventures to develop their businesses further. They don't have to spend their time on looking up for certain things on Internet.

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