Jun 21, 2011

Google Docs

I should let you know how the feature "Google Documents" helps my company.

This feature let us to share our documents with our Clients. We started using this feature since 2009 and we are glad that "Google" made available this "Google Docs" feature. We don't worry about the file being corrupted or the file being misplaced, which happens most of the time. Since we keep our documents online, our Clients view it whenever they would want to. There were instances when we forgot to attach the document with an email.  Now, we don't have to worry about the attachments with our daily report that we send to our Client everyday. Because the Google Document is available online 24/7.

Sharing Settings:
We protect our online google document by giving appropriate permissions in "sharing settings" of the document. Unless we give the permission to edit the document, the person with whom we share the document, can not edit it. There are two options in sharing a  Google Document. One is "public" and another is "private". A "public" document can be viewed by everybody. A "private" document can be viewed by only those persons, whom the document is  shared with.  The option of "Revision History" in the "File" menu enables our client as well as ourself, to take a look at the modifications that has been done to the document at a particular point of time.

Real time Experience:
It also let our client to watch us while we work on the document and help us, both, to change the course of action immediately, if the situation warrant. For example, we changed the color of the Logo and we even changed the Design Pattern while the  designing was in progress. Thanks to "Google Docs" for saving our Time.

Take a look at the spreadsheet that we shared among ourselves.

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