Jun 21, 2011

Video Submissions

Why would some one want to post/submit their videos on internet?

Personal videos are uploaded and shared, so that the relatives and friends, who missed a party / celebration/ festival, could watch them and enjoy the moments. A professional video that gives information about a product or about a service is submitted to various sites so that it reaches a wider audience. Video Submission/ Video Marketing to different social networking sites, also helps for the Search Engine Optimization.

Video Submissions to Social Media Websites:

Here is a list of free and paid video submissions sites:

3. youtube
4. Bolt
5. facebook
6. myspace
7. sclipo
8. veoh
9. viddler
10. vsocial
11. atom
12. photobucket.com
13. vimeo
14. revver
15. Google Video
16. MSN Video
17.  yahoo.video
18. Crackle
19. Motionbox
20. AOL Video
21. blip.tv
22. ProsperityCast.tv
23. SelfCasttv

When a video is posted on youtube, for instance, then this can be shared to other social networking websites too.

How do you "Share" a video from Youtube to other Social Media Websites?
After uploading your video in youtube, click on the "Share" button below your video. You will get the link to that video. Copy and paste the link in any of your friends' Wall in Facebook or in any of their Social Networking profiles.  This link can also be embedded in any html code, if you are going to use this video on any webpage.

There is an option to get either the "long link"  or the "short link" by clicking on "show options" . The "short link" will help you in sharing the video to "Twitter" , because the character limit in Twitter is just 140.
The "Facebook" and "Twitter" buttons are already displayed there, so that you can just click on them to share the video to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. When you click on the "show more" link, you will get the list of other Social Media Websites for you to share the video. The video can be sent by email too, to your subscribers of your newsletters.

Submitting your Videos from "Traffic Geyser":

Videos can be posted to almost ALL Social Networking sites as well as Social Bookmarking sites from "Traffic Geyser.com" . This is not a free service.

If you have just started your Business and are ready with your presentations that should be submitted on all the Video Submission sites, then you can count on me.

If you want to post a video that announce your new product launch or any new event that would invite people to join, then I can help you with your Video Submissions to the Social Networking Sites.

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