Jun 21, 2011

Formatting excel documents

Formatting Excel documents involve formulas, mostly.  I gained good experience by doing these type of jobs.

One of my Client had three set of excel files that had the contact details of his customers.  Some of the customers' contact details were repeated. Some of them had to be updated with their new contact details. Some of the contact details were to be deleted after checking their replies from his Mailbox. And these three excel files had to be condensed into one file.

Earlier I had to prepare a Mailing List to merge with the main letter that could be sent to many of the customers. The Excel file had a single column with many rows of addresses, that contained the Mailing Addresses i.e. the name of the customer, name and number of the street, city, zip code, State and the Country. To prepare a Mailing List that could be merged with a document, I need to prepare a spreadsheet that have different information in separate columns. For example, the name of the customer should be in column1 and the name & number of the street in the column2, city in column3,  zip code in column4, the State in column5 and the country in column6.

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