Jun 21, 2011

A Happy Successful Business Team

Welcome Sriram and Shruthi

I was an individual freelancer when I started freelancing, by taking small and simple projects from elance.com. My clients were happy with my work and started using my services regularly. They gave me great feedback. I am quite busy with their work throughout the year. I suddenly realised that I needed a helping hand, because my clients started referring my services to their friends and relatives. Though I started working on Internet Research and Database building projects, my Clients wanted me to help them in designing their website as well as their Blogs.

My friend Siva runs a web designing company. We decided to work as a team and started working on the Photography site and Blogs. Siva's office is good in SEO too. We did a few SEO projects. This made me to think that its time to build a team that have different specialization in web technologies.  There is an additional member now, in our Team, that is good in web programming, Sriram.

I am trying to have another member in my Team. Her name is Shruthi and she is an exceptional designer.

Logo Designs

Logo Design
Wish me and my team good luck. Hoping to build a successful happy Business Team together.

If you need some ideas and inspiration then take a look at these sample designs -  Product CataloguesLetter head, Envelopes and Business CardsLogoBrochure  etc.

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