Jun 21, 2011

End of the Month Are My Most Busiest Days

As I have mentioned earlier that I help my Clients with their Social Media Marketing, end of every month are my most busiest days of my Schedule.

That is because, I have the job of compilation of messages about the services of my Clients, that can be tweeted in their Twitter Accounts and can be posted in their Business Page of Facebook accounts. Some Clients would like their Tweets to be tweeted once in a day and some would like to post more than 2 tweets in a day. Some Clients would want articles and newsletters to be scheduled in their Business Page of their Facebook accounts. I feel happy when I see comments and requests about my Clients' services in response to their Tweets and Facebook wall posts.

It is also time to schedule the Newsletters of few of my clients' in their Blogs, so that it reaches their Subscribers on a particular day of every week.  And am also a subscriber of their Newsletters. Though it doesn't help me in any way except to know that my scheduled Newsletters are reaching certain Subscribers without fail.

I love being a VA. I learn and read new things everyday, which am fond of. Thanks goes to all my Clients, who love to use my services.

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Have a great week ahead.

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