Jun 20, 2011

Article Submissions

What is Article Submissions?

An article that talks about your Business/ Product/ Service can be used as an object for advertising. Imagine displaying the advertisement banners or posters or advert inserts of your Business, in the most popular advertisement spots in the real world. Wouldn't it fetch you more visibility? It would even kindle the interest of just a casual passer-by to find out about your Business or pass the information about your Business to some one who might need it.

How will "Article Submission" help you?

In the World Wide Web, popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Bing, Livesearch etc are used by the people, to search for any information that they need in the Internet. When you want your Website to come up in the first page of the search engine results, then your website has to be listed in too many places on the World Wide Web with the proper "Keywords".

Article Submission is one of the process in the Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

Articles can be posted freely on certain websites on the Internet. When people read your informative article and then see your link, a large percentage of them will click to visit your site to learn more about your product and/or services. When you leave the link of your Website to as many places as you can on the Internet, then its going to help you to come up in the search engines. Traffic to your website would increase when you submit articles about your product or service in the "Article Submission"  websites, regularly.

Articles that speaks about your Business, when posted regularly on the Web, will certainly help the search engines to bring your website up in the  search results.

Video Submission  is another process in the SEO technique.

Do you have an article that announce your new product launch? Do you have a video that talks about your new product or services or event, then I can help you with the Submissions to the Social Networking Sites as well as the most popular Article Submission Sites.

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