Jun 21, 2011

How to Set up A Facebook Fan Page?

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is quite easy now.

I have given step by step instructions to create your Fan Page.

How to Create a Fan Page:

Clicking here will take you to the first step to create a Facebook Fan Page. Click on the appropriate category of your business . After entering the Category and the Company Name, the page is all yours to make it "Like"able by the page visitors.

Adding Photos to your Album, adding Links, adding Videos and starting Discussions are exactly the same way that is done in the Facebook personal profile.

One way to make the visitors to "Like" your FB Fan Page is to create a good looking Cover Image. The exact dimension for the Facebook cover image should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

Customize Fan PageThere are many apps that can be used to customize your Fan Page. The application that I have used to create tabs on my FB Business Page is "static html: iframes tab". "Static HTML : iframes tab" lets you to have your own html frame, set up in your Facebook Business Page.

Adding the app "Static HTML: iframes tab" to your FB Business Page
To add this application to your Facebook Business Page, click here  from your personal account to access the application. Click on the button "Add Static HTML to a Page" .  Add this app to your Business Page by selecting the Page to which you want to add the tab, if you have more than one Fan Page. The app is added to your Facebook Business Page now. You will find a "Welcome" tab adjacent to your "About" section of your Fan Page.
Click on "Welcome". You will find two boxes on your Page. The first box is for "Public Content".  The contents of this box can be seen by any visitor of your Fan Page before they become a Fan of your Page.  The box below this is the "Fans Only" content box. The contents of this box will be seen by the visitors after they become a Fan of your Page. If you leave the "Fans Only" content box empty, then both fans as well as non fans would see the contents of the "Public Content" box.
Any html code can be written on this iframe. If you don't have any knowledge about html code, then you can copy the html code from your website's first page and paste it in the "Public Content" box. Click on "Save & Publish" when you are ready to publish the contents. You can add more tabs to in your Fan Page.

I have used the html code of this Blog post for my Fans only and the image of this Blog post for my non-fans (Public Content).

Hope my instructions helped you to set up a Facebook Business Page with a "Welcome Page" for your Business. Please let me know if you want more information on the Fan Page building and maintenance.

If you would like to take a look at the Pages that I have built, then please click on the below links and please show me your support by "Like"ing them.  I am also maintaining few of these Fan Pages. Thanks in advance.

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If you need my help to set up a Facebook Business Page, then please write to me.

Myself and my client were doing some research to increase the Fan base to his Fan Page. I am going to give you some tips to increase the Fans to your Fan Page in my next blog post.  Stay tuned.  

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