Jun 30, 2011

How To Use "Twitter" For Your Business?

As a small business owner, ever wondered about reaching out to thousands of existing customers at one click of your mouse? I know that your answer would be "Yes". Because you have your existing customers' email id. You are already sending out your regular updates and newsletters of your business to them.

I receive newsletters from the Organizations whose services am using, almost every month. I hardly find time to read the three or four paragraphs that are followed by their graphs and diagrams. I simply send those emails to their designated folders, instead of deleting them, so that I can read them whenever I find time or if any necessity arises. I don't read them unless I get another reminder from the Organization prompting me to take any action on the long forgotten newsletter.

Did that happen to you too? Let us look at the ways to avoid this happening to your Business.

Jun 28, 2011

Social Media Presence - Build Your Online Credibility

When Yahoo! Messenger came into the world of web, people were very happy. They didn't have to rely on the National Postal or Courier Service to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. Almost every household had an email id in Yahoo! and Yahoo!Messenger was used by the users to stay in touch with each other. Youth made use of this Chat service to make new friends and socialize with them. The Businesses started using this opportunity to reach a bigger and wider audience by advertising on Internet.

Then came the other Social Media Websites like Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc. Most of the population on earth were matured enough to use their real identity, by the time these Social Media websites came into existence. Businesses found a new place to reach to the masses - Social Media Websites. It was easy for the small and big Businesses to reach their customers directly and to get a feedback of their services from the "horse's mouth".

Earlier, when customers wanted to lodge a complaint about an inadequate service, then they visited the Business place in person to express their disappointment. Only those customers who were present there during the complaint session came to know about the inferior service.But its a different scene altogether now. The dissatisfied customer go to the Social Media Websites to announce about the poor service and advice the entire world to not to use the services of the particular service provider. By being here, on the Social Media Websites, Businesses have the opportunity to connect with their customers quickly and easily as well as get the chance to learn and rectify their mistakes immediately. Hence the, Social Media presence is very essential to any kind of business.

How can you make your presence felt in these Social Media Websites? I can help you with that.

Are you an individual entrepreneur or a small business owner or planning to start a new venture, then I can help you with your Social Media Marketing. Make your presence felt online and publicize your brand to the entire world.

Social Media Marketing helps all the businesses to grow globally. Write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

Jun 27, 2011


What is Outsourcing?

Let me give you a very simple explanation:
My mom was too busy, the other day, to go to the shop to buy some wheat flour. She saw my neighbor's son taking his bicycle out to go to the nearby grocery shop and she got the help of him to buy the wheat flour. She paid for his favourite toffee.Since then she gets the help of him and pay him in kind or cash, whichever way he wanted to get paid. She used her time to concentrate on more important things.

Now, this would have given you an idea about "Outsourcing". Do you think that big automobile companies design and manufacture all the cars? Nope. They get the designs done by the designing companies, get the parts manufactured by companies that are specialized in manufacturing particular parts, assemble them in their own or other's assembling units and have their name of the Brand printed on the product.

The same goes with ALL the other industries too.

How does outsourcing helps small and individual entrepreneurs?
I have been working with small as well as individual entrepreneurs since 2009. I am glad that I was able to give them enough time to concentrate on their core business. I helped them to gather all the information that they needed to build their businesses further. One such thing is Internet Research.

Internet Research is done to get the details that they needed for their start up ventures to develop their businesses further. They don't have to spend their time on looking up for certain things on Internet.

If you want to know how did I help them, then click here.

Are you thinking about Social Media Marketing or building up an online recognition to your brands? Then I can help you. Please write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

Jun 22, 2011

Get a username for your Facebook Business Page

You have set up a Facebook Business Page and you have announced to the world that you have a Facebook Page for your Business. Take a look at the URL of your Facebook Fan Page. Do you see the numbers in the URL and do you think that you would want your name of the business instead of those numbers that would be hard to remember?

Your personal profile of Facebook URL looks like this http://facebook.com/yourname. How about getting the same type of URL for your Business Page? Your friends and clients can easily find out your Page in Facebook if the URL has the name of your business instead of those numbers.

To get your Business Name in the URL:
If you are an administrator for a Fan Page then you can choose the username by clicking here. Your Facebook Page should have more than 25 "Like"s. Choose a public username that you or your business is known to others.So that people can find your Page easily. And your username for your Business Page can not be changed once your confirm it. So please check the spelling before confirming.

If this post was useful to you, then please "Like" my Facebook Business Page.

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Jun 21, 2011

Assignments That I Was Busy With

Twitter and Facebook - Compilation of Messages that can be scheduled to her Twitter and Facebook accounts. The keywords were provided to me and that was easy for me to do some internet research to get the proper messages that can be tweeted in her accounts to attract potential clients.

Adding followers to their Twitter account using the keywords that they have provided. Compilation of Messages that can be scheduled to her Business account of Twitter and of Facebook . The keywords were provided to me.

I also maintain her e-Relationship® database by adding new email subscribers to her Address Book.

Are you thinking about Social Media Marketing or building up an online recognition to your brands? Then I can help you. Please write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

Get Twitter Followers While You Sleep and Holidaying

Now, you know that there are many ways to get new twitter followers. If you are visiting my Blog for the first time, then you will have to read my earlier posts about getting new Twitter followers by using the keywords and using # hashtag, trends and @mentions.

Posting tweets in your Twitter page on various interesting topics will get you new twitter followers .
Getting new Twitter followers from different locations of the globe is been made easy. Imagine getting new twitter followers in your Twitter account and more fans in your facebook fanpage, when you are fast asleep or holidaying. To reach a larger audience, to get new twitter followers quickly and easily from different parts of the globe, your tweets should be posted at different time zones. This can be achieved by scheduling your tweets in your Twitter account via scheduling sites such as Socialoomph.com, Hootsuite.com, Twuffer.com, Su.pr etc.

The sites that I use for few of my clients like Patrick SchwerdtfegerSarah Tolson and Melinda Garcia to schedule their tweets are Socialoomph.com andHootsuite.com. I am going to write about the features and uses of Hootsuite.com.

Scheduling and analyzing your Tweets via Hootsuite.com:
Opening an account in hootsuite.com and using some of it's services are free. Some of their services such as "Bulk Scheduling" is not free.  Scheduling the tweets for months together in Hootsuite.com is very easy. You can add 4 social media accounts in hootsuite.com under the free account. The image below shows my Hootsuite account with my "Twitter", "LinkedIn", "WordPress Blog" and "Facebook Fan Page" accounts added in the Social Media Sites.  And you can schedule different messages to different accounts at different time zones or the same messages to different accounts at different time zones by selecting the accounts while scheduling.
hootsuite scheduling

The feature "Analytics" generate two "Reports" . Quick Analytics Report and Custom Analytics Report. Let us take a look at the Quick Analytic Report, which is partly free.
Let us take a look at the Analytic "Report"
Hootsuite Analytics Report

This Report gives the stats of all the links of my Tweets between June 06 and June13.
The graph shows the number of clicks on those days.  So, according to this Report, there were 10clicks on June 10, which means the tweets that was followed by 10 people are on Facebook Business Page and Twitter Followers. The pie-chart shows the clicks by region and the bar chart shows the "referrals" and finally the Report gives you the links that earned more clicks. That part of the Report is not seen here in this image.

The Report can also be generated for individual URLs.
Hootsuite Analytics Report for individual URL

The Schedule and Analytics feature of Hootsuite.com helps us to analyse the interest of the people on a particular topic. And tweeting more on that topic will get more Twitter followers.
If you think that I can help you in increasing your Twitter followers, then please do write to me.

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Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

Reliable virtual assistant from India.

How to Set up A Facebook Fan Page?

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is quite easy now.

I have given step by step instructions to create your Fan Page.

How to Create a Fan Page:

Clicking here will take you to the first step to create a Facebook Fan Page. Click on the appropriate category of your business . After entering the Category and the Company Name, the page is all yours to make it "Like"able by the page visitors.

Adding Photos to your Album, adding Links, adding Videos and starting Discussions are exactly the same way that is done in the Facebook personal profile.

One way to make the visitors to "Like" your FB Fan Page is to create a good looking Cover Image. The exact dimension for the Facebook cover image should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

Customize Fan PageThere are many apps that can be used to customize your Fan Page. The application that I have used to create tabs on my FB Business Page is "static html: iframes tab". "Static HTML : iframes tab" lets you to have your own html frame, set up in your Facebook Business Page.

Adding the app "Static HTML: iframes tab" to your FB Business Page
To add this application to your Facebook Business Page, click here  from your personal account to access the application. Click on the button "Add Static HTML to a Page" .  Add this app to your Business Page by selecting the Page to which you want to add the tab, if you have more than one Fan Page. The app is added to your Facebook Business Page now. You will find a "Welcome" tab adjacent to your "About" section of your Fan Page.
Click on "Welcome". You will find two boxes on your Page. The first box is for "Public Content".  The contents of this box can be seen by any visitor of your Fan Page before they become a Fan of your Page.  The box below this is the "Fans Only" content box. The contents of this box will be seen by the visitors after they become a Fan of your Page. If you leave the "Fans Only" content box empty, then both fans as well as non fans would see the contents of the "Public Content" box.
Any html code can be written on this iframe. If you don't have any knowledge about html code, then you can copy the html code from your website's first page and paste it in the "Public Content" box. Click on "Save & Publish" when you are ready to publish the contents. You can add more tabs to in your Fan Page.

I have used the html code of this Blog post for my Fans only and the image of this Blog post for my non-fans (Public Content).

Hope my instructions helped you to set up a Facebook Business Page with a "Welcome Page" for your Business. Please let me know if you want more information on the Fan Page building and maintenance.

If you would like to take a look at the Pages that I have built, then please click on the below links and please show me your support by "Like"ing them.  I am also maintaining few of these Fan Pages. Thanks in advance.

Bay Area Apartment Building Investor 
Virtual Assistant - Bloominfotech
Garcia&Gurney - A Law Corporation
Generations Photography
Technology that Help Elders to stay at home
5 Photo Video
 Jumbo Machinder
Time, Health and Money Pro
Varnaa Studio

Social Media Marketing helps all the businesses to grow globally.

If you need my help to set up a Facebook Business Page, then please write to me.

Myself and my client were doing some research to increase the Fan base to his Fan Page. I am going to give you some tips to increase the Fans to your Fan Page in my next blog post.  Stay tuned.  

A reliable Virtual Assistant from India.

Facebook Welcome Page For non-Fans

Take a look at the Facebook Welcome Page for Fans . 

If you want to create a Fan Page for your Business, then please follow this step by step instruction.

Please post your comments if this instruction has helped you. Thanks in advance. 

Facebook Welcome Page For Fans

I have used this link to be the Landing Page for my non-Fans of my Facebook Business Page

Facebook Fan Page
Social Media Marketing helps all the businesses to grow globally.

Do you want to me to help you to set up a Facebook Business Page? Then please write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

My Workplace
My Services
My Client – Patrick, The Great Speaker
My Client – Aditya, The Upcoming Scientist 
My Client – Mark Peysha, Director of the Tony Robbins Films
My Client – Brian K. Gillman, Entrepreneur
My Client – Tobias Wegenast, Experiential Leadership Development
My Client – Karen Waksman, The Great Speaker
My Client – Sarah Tolson, Certified Financial Planner
My Client – Mike Mastracci, attorney and counselor at law
My Client – Jennifer Fink, a Certified Professional Photographer
My Client – Amy Alvis,estate planning 
My Client – Kim McAtee, Realtor
My Client – Sean Coleman, entrepreneur, engineer, and social hacker
My Tweets

Google Docs

I should let you know how the feature "Google Documents" helps my company.

This feature let us to share our documents with our Clients. We started using this feature since 2009 and we are glad that "Google" made available this "Google Docs" feature. We don't worry about the file being corrupted or the file being misplaced, which happens most of the time. Since we keep our documents online, our Clients view it whenever they would want to. There were instances when we forgot to attach the document with an email.  Now, we don't have to worry about the attachments with our daily report that we send to our Client everyday. Because the Google Document is available online 24/7.

Sharing Settings:
We protect our online google document by giving appropriate permissions in "sharing settings" of the document. Unless we give the permission to edit the document, the person with whom we share the document, can not edit it. There are two options in sharing a  Google Document. One is "public" and another is "private". A "public" document can be viewed by everybody. A "private" document can be viewed by only those persons, whom the document is  shared with.  The option of "Revision History" in the "File" menu enables our client as well as ourself, to take a look at the modifications that has been done to the document at a particular point of time.

Real time Experience:
It also let our client to watch us while we work on the document and help us, both, to change the course of action immediately, if the situation warrant. For example, we changed the color of the Logo and we even changed the Design Pattern while the  designing was in progress. Thanks to "Google Docs" for saving our Time.

Take a look at the spreadsheet that we shared among ourselves.

Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

Reliable virtual assistant from India.

More Ways To get New Twitter Followers

There are many many ways to get New Twitter Followers:

If you haven't read the ones that I have mentioned earlier. Then please read these posts.

Twitter followers from keywords

Adding New Twitter Followers

Always use the (#) hashtag when you tweet about a subject.
For example - If your tweet is about any android application, then use #androidapp. If you use appropriate hashtags when you tweet, it would come up in the searches when some one searches for "android apps". So when you tweet about your business, add the appropriate hashtags of your business. It could be #attorney or #insurance or #entrepreneur or #smallbusiness etc.

Apart from using the appropriate keywords and tweeting the real time tweets about yourself, you can always re-tweet the breaking #worldnews from Global News Media such as CNN.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, BBC.com etc. For example, if you keep tweeting about the breaking news of India's, then people from India who likes your tweet, will naturally follow you or RT (Re-Tweet) you, which could fetch you more followers. People who are following the particular happenings in India would follow you too. Your tweets about the #places, #people etc., will get you followers who are interested about those places and that people.

#quotes - One of the best way to win followers is to quote the words of well known people. We all are humans, though we keep talking to the machine almost half of our life time.  #Success quote can get your business followers. Same goes with #motivational quotes. Try this and you will not regret.

Tweeting on the current topics in the "Trends" section that appears in the right side of the Twitter page would get more followers. The "Trends" can be set to different locations. The topics in the "Trends" section changes with the location. Hence more followers from different locations, when you tweet on different topics of the "Trends".

Do not forget to check for the @mentions and send a reply to them. Personal attention will always get you more admirers. I meant "followers".

There are more ways to get more followers. And am going to write about them in my next post next week. Until then Happy Weekend to all of you.

If you think that I can help you in increasing your Twitter followers, then please do write to me.

Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

Reliable virtual assistant from India.

Press Release Submissions

Spreading the news to the world has never been easier than it is now. Earlier, readers had to wait for the printed News Papers to arrive at their door step to read the news until the Television arrived at the scene. Now Internet is faster than TV. Today, anybody could make submission of their Press Releases to reach a wider audience, quickly. And there are many websites that provide Free Press Release Submissions and there are some that charge for a guaranteed Press Release.

My submission was about a Casting Call. My Client Karen Waksman is associated with the Casting Call for Maani Edwards of Universal Music Publishing Group. Free Press Release Submission can be done in many Submission Sites such as Downloadjunction , NanotechnowThomasnet etc. This helps in achieving greater visibility to the article with more wider audience.

Do you want to make any Press Release Submissions online?

Would you like to hire me, too? Please write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

When Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Would you hire a PS - Personal Secretary?
PS sit in front of you to take down your instructions, which could easily be passed on, via email. Your PS needs your office space for 8 hours even if there is no work for a whole part of the day. PS uses your telephone connection that you hire for 30days whereas it is used only to make and receive few calls a day. Your PS enjoy the employee benefits that could easily be avoided by you.

Or would you hire a VA - Virtual Assistant?
VA gives you the comfort of sending your instructions right from your living room or from a park whenever you find time. VA doesn't need your office space to sit and work. VA doesn't need your telephone to make or receive calls. VA doesn't have to be paid any other benefits than the actual payment for the work that is done for you.

Who would need a VA?
An entrepreneur who runs a start up venture, who can neither afford to hire an office space nor hire a full time employee. Any individual who think that hiring a full time employee and having a rented office space is not necessary for his business, right now. Some one whose business demands to travel more but to be in touch with the clients too often.  Some one who would need a person to answer calls on his behalf when he travels. Some one who feels that he is wasting his time by making cold calls to his customers. Some one who wouldn't want to spend too much time on Internet, searching for the contact details of those businesses that could be of any interest to him. Some one who wishes to have more than two hands and more than 24hrs a day.

So, hire a VA, if you are one among the many persons mentioned above.

Uma sits in India and help Patrick, of Tactical Execution, the author of  “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” who lives in California, San Francisco, USA.
Uma sits in India and help Tobias Wegenast, with his MBTI training modules, who lives in Switzerland.
Uma sits in India and help  Sean Coleman in his start up ventures, who lives in Tempe, Arizona.

So, I can help you too. Write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

End of the Month Are My Most Busiest Days

As I have mentioned earlier that I help my Clients with their Social Media Marketing, end of every month are my most busiest days of my Schedule.

That is because, I have the job of compilation of messages about the services of my Clients, that can be tweeted in their Twitter Accounts and can be posted in their Business Page of Facebook accounts. Some Clients would like their Tweets to be tweeted once in a day and some would like to post more than 2 tweets in a day. Some Clients would want articles and newsletters to be scheduled in their Business Page of their Facebook accounts. I feel happy when I see comments and requests about my Clients' services in response to their Tweets and Facebook wall posts.

It is also time to schedule the Newsletters of few of my clients' in their Blogs, so that it reaches their Subscribers on a particular day of every week.  And am also a subscriber of their Newsletters. Though it doesn't help me in any way except to know that my scheduled Newsletters are reaching certain Subscribers without fail.

I love being a VA. I learn and read new things everyday, which am fond of. Thanks goes to all my Clients, who love to use my services.

Would you like to hire me too? Then please write to me.

A reliable Virtual Assistant from India.

Have a great week ahead.

The Latest Recommendation

“Uma is an incredibly detailed-oriented individual who provides outstanding results. We hired Uma for research, and she always seemed to have an accurate understanding of the value of her results which were always very precise. Most importantly, Uma provided great communication, so there was never a time when we weren't on the same page after corresponding via email.”
Sean Coleman February 22, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Would you like to hire me? Then please write to me.

Personality Trait of a Virtual Assistant

Quite an interesting project this week with my Client Tobias Wegenast - Management Consultant. He conducts workshops and impart training on Personality Development and also offer corporate management solutions. And am thoroughly enjoying analyzing his candidates' training results and preparing Reports for his candidates.

I took the questionnaire on myself and analysed my personality traits. Frankly, it did help me to get an insight into my personality.

Want to know my personality trait? Am an ESTJ.

People who prefer EXTROVERSION like to focus on the outer world of people and activity. They direct their energy and attention outward and receive energy from interacting with people and from taking action.

People who prefer SENSING like to take information that is real and tangible - what is actually happening. They are observant about the specifics of what is going on around them and are especially attuned to practical realities.

People who prefer to use THINKING in decision making like to look at the logical consequences of a choice or action. they want to mentally remove themselves from the situation to examine the pros & cons objectively. They are energized by critiquing and analyzing to identify what's wrong with something so they can solve the problem. Their goal is to find a standard or principle that will apply in all similar situations.

People who prefer to use their JUDGING process in the outer world like to live in a planned, orderly way, seeking to regulate and manage their lives. They want to make decisions, come to closure, and move on. Their lives tend to be structured and organized, and they like to have things settled. Sticking to a plan and schedule is very important to them, and they are energized by getting things done

Isn't this interesting?

Building/ Adding New Twitter Followers

Patrick wrote to me, why he wanted to follow those who are certain to follow him back. And I quote ," You will find that the heavy users are more likely to follow as many people as are following them.  That's how they got to be so big. "

As I mentioned in my earlier blog I was instructed to find out the potential followers from Twellow.com, using those appropriate keywords and follow only those persons, who has 80% of following/followers ratio. Which means they are the regular users of Twitter and they do follow whoever follows them.  But Twitter don't allow users to keep following people on the go.

After the first 2000, you can only follow 10% more than the number of your followers.  So you can follow up to 3,300 when you have 3,000 followers - as an example.

To keep up the good work of building Twitter followers, the balancing act of bulk unfollow had to be done to maintain 10% of following/followers ratio. This is one way we followed to start building the followers in Twitter.

The other ways that could be followed to increase the number of followers in Twitter are by
1. Tweeting more about yourself, real time
2. Tweeting about your profession
3. Tweeting about other great people from your profession
4. Tweeting about the current trends in your profession
5. Tweeting about the #Social Media
6. Tweeting #quotes by famous people

There are more ways that can be followed to get found and followed by the Tweeple. And we , myself and Patrick, followed those ways, too, to build his followers in his Twitter account. I am going to write more about the other ways to build your Twitter followers in my next post.

If you think that I can help you in increasing your Twitter followers, then please do write to me.

Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

Reliable virtual assistant from India.

How to Get Your Clients Stuck To You?

I have always enjoyed my clients' presence around me.

I love working with my Clients, even during their tough times. There has always been a co-ordinated effort to meet the targets fixed by my clients. It is very important to keep in touch with your Clients , even when you are not working with them.

See that you follow these steps:
1.Follow their activities in their social networking sites - Add them to your friends list and follow their wall posts in FB and Tweets in Twitter etc. You might end up helping them with their posts.

2. Acknowledge their achievements and offer your help. For example: Like their posts in FB, post a comment on their Blog Posts, Retweet their Tweets, Rank their videos in Youtube etc

3. Remind them about their pending activities that are done in regular intervals. For example : Scheduling of tweets every month, Newsletters, Ad posting, Blog posting etc.

4. Make it a point to keep a Mailing List of your existing clients. Write to them regularly and remind them of your services & availability. Building a personal rapport with them will help you in the longer run.

5. Make a Mailing List of your future clients and write to them often to encourage them to make use of your services. This will help them to contact you as soon as any need arises. Finding future clients is not so difficult these days. Your existing Clients always refer you to their friends and acquaintances. You can find new clients from the friends' list of your existing clients.

6. Add your clients to your Chat list and send them a quick hello, when you find them online. If they don't reply to your chat message, you don't have to feel bad. Your "hello" would have reminded them of your presence to ask for any help, if they need any.

If you are yet to have a proper Mailing List, then do it NOW. The recession is going to get over and things are looking up. We are going to get more Clients, hence more work. So make it QUICK.

The Market Place hasn't gone down. So keep yourself updated. When you need my help in creating a Mailing List,do write to me. I shall be glad to help you. 

I shall do the Internet Research for you to prepare the Mailing List.

Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

This Week Is Quite Busy

My Client Gurpreet Kaur is a Certified Professional Photographer from Bay Area, San Francisco, California. And my team from Bloominfotech is busy building her website as well as her Blog.

And am busy in building up a database of the modelling agencies, Baby Trade Shows and the Wedding Gown Designers. This would help us in our marketing strategy to hook up with the Models, Product Designers, New Moms for the Baby Portraits and Wedding Gown Designers for a photo shoot.

I am also posting  her Wedding, Baby and Boudoir  photographs in her Blog.

Do you think that you will need some Internet Research to be done to build a database for your marketing strategies?  I am available to help you too. Please feel free to write to me.

The reliable Virtual Assistant from India.

A Happy Successful Business Team

Welcome Sriram and Shruthi

I was an individual freelancer when I started freelancing, by taking small and simple projects from elance.com. My clients were happy with my work and started using my services regularly. They gave me great feedback. I am quite busy with their work throughout the year. I suddenly realised that I needed a helping hand, because my clients started referring my services to their friends and relatives. Though I started working on Internet Research and Database building projects, my Clients wanted me to help them in designing their website as well as their Blogs.

My friend Siva runs a web designing company. We decided to work as a team and started working on the Photography site and Blogs. Siva's office is good in SEO too. We did a few SEO projects. This made me to think that its time to build a team that have different specialization in web technologies.  There is an additional member now, in our Team, that is good in web programming, Sriram.

I am trying to have another member in my Team. Her name is Shruthi and she is an exceptional designer.

Logo Designs

Logo Design
Wish me and my team good luck. Hoping to build a successful happy Business Team together.

If you need some ideas and inspiration then take a look at these sample designs -  Product CataloguesLetter head, Envelopes and Business CardsLogoBrochure  etc.

Internet Research for my Clients

At present, am working for three of my clients.

Garcia & Gurney Gurpreet Kaur and Sarah Tolson

Garcia & Gurney - Searching and compilation of messages that can be scheduled from Hootsuite.com to their respective Twitter and Facebook business page accounts. I do a  research on the Internet to compile messages for the services that the attorneys render and submit the messages to them for their approval. Once I get the approval of the messages , I schedule them in their twitter and facebook accounts via Hootsuite.com. I am associated with them for a quite a long time. And I do enjoy working with them.

Gurpreet Kaur - You got to look into her portfolio to experience the fantastic real feelings and sentiments that are captured by her camera. Though this client was introduced to me in the month of June 2010, by Patrick Schwerdtfeger, this is the first time am going to help her with her service. I need to find Baby Trade Shows in the east bay, San Francisco bay area. I need to find out the shows, the location of the shows and their timings. Need to prepare a database and submit it to her.

Sarah Tolson - She gave me a list of Lost Policy Holders and I had to find out the contact details of them. I should admit that it was really really tough to find out the contact details. Because the persons in the list was not as socially active as youngsters of current generation. But I did manage to find the details from http://waatp.com/people/ and http://www.familysearch.org/.

Am quite happy to receive this from her - "Great job Uma! I am very impressed with the results you found." :)

If you want me to find out the contact details of your long forgotten friends or loved ones, then I can help you. Please write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.